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Kook to cook 28.01.2019

A sinuous and winning thought draws Kook, the Rastelli kitchen signed by the inspired Karim Rashid. With only one soft and uninterrupted line, the designer has infact created an incredibly ergonomic and functional space, with a strong visual effect.

Thanks to Kook, made of Solid Surface, cooking becomes a pure aestethic pleasure. The one-block wall system recalls the shape of a piano’s profile, but instead of having 88 keys, a world of details and technologic solutions opens in front of you, turning the kitchen into a cooking stage.

The work top, deeper than 90 cm, allows a better organisation of the elements, such as hob and built in sink, which, with a foldaway faucet, can be easily hidden under a cutting board, – in Solid Surface as well – creating continuity.

If order and cleaning are basic rules in the kitchen, in Kook’s design Rashid managed to put them together with consistency: all wall cabinets above the work top are provided with motorized rolling shutter, which, once opened, reveal a built in hood and a series of crystal wall shelves, enlightened by led lights; the wall unit leaned structure allows to store all less used utensils and objects on the top, and to keep daily stuff on lower shelves. Roll down the shutter and everything comes back in order.

The bases with c-channel provided with Servo Drive open with a simple touch, the led lights on the c-channel give an unexpected and lively touch of colour, while the leaned bases allow a better legs movement. To complete the kitchen there are the tall units with built in appliances and wine cellars, or simply more compartments.

Kook is, as many Rashid’s projects are, expression of a colourful, original, ergonomic and functional design. A kitchen that puts people and their needs at the centre of beauty

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