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Konan, the new bed from MY home collection 19.12.2017

If comfort and design are essential requirements for contemporary living, then the new Konan bed from MY home collection – designed by CO3 Design Studio – is a perfect example of the close link between these two fundamental elements. In keeping with the ‘less is more’ philosophy, Konan frees the sleeping area of any excessive decorations, bringing the bedroom back to a more simple and basic shape.

Welcoming, thanks to the soft and rounded design of its base, Konan is all about understated elegance, which can be seen above all in the headboard covering. In fact, its three-dimensional effect, created by the exclusive working of the quilted knitted fabric, or quilted velvet, plays the leading role in this piece of furniture, creating a strong visual impact. With a practical storage compartment making intelligent use of space, Konan meets all requirements in terms of style and functionality, both for private homes and the contract sector. A wide range of colours further enhances an area that’s sophisticated and dynamic in its simplicity: from neutral shades such as dove-grey, to classy velvets in blue, azure and wisteria.

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