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Kobe. Bookcases and storage systems. 15.06.2021

Even in the age of digitalization, the print media, especially for office furniture, still plays a leading role. Volumes, books, magazines and booklets remain, in fact, essential ‘tools’ and are worthy of a space dedicated to them. Optimizing your storage space with solutions not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing, helps you to create an extremely organized and harmonious place, with a good outcome on people’s concentration and productivity.

With Kobe, Newform Ufficio offers versatile solutions, suitable for different environments. From the most traditional bookcases to archives, through original back storage units, the latest collection meet, in fact, many need and styles.

Perfect for the offices, the storage systems with doors are customizable in both size and finishes. The units can be mixed together to combine wardrobes, archives, or cabinets now higher now lower, always spacious and with an essential design. The wide range of finishes allows you to choose between different colours and materials such as wood, melamine, or glass, for an extraordinary customization experience. Moreover, to increase functionality and usability of desks, the back storage units become the symbol of a new way of experiencing space: not only the one of the horizontal top of the table, but also the three-dimensional one that surrounds it. Whether it is a workstation with a desktop flush with the structure or with conical legs, the back storage units support the desks turning into table tops and above all into handy storage units. The interior can be organized with shelves, open shelving, drawers, hinged or sliding doors, so that you can easily have access to useful documents and accessories, right from your desk, that you may need at hand at any time.

Perfect also in home environments, the bookcases are available in different versions. Starting with models available in customizable and modular configurations – such as those with shelves, open units and cabinets with door – up to the boiserie which gives a touch of colour to the walls with wooden panels and thin metal shelves. Moreover, Kobe features a fully customizable shelving system, based on a series of shelves and side panels to be designed according to your needs, and finally the bookcase with Fill frame: metal uprights, available in different size and heights, support shelves that can be customized in material, colour and length. In this way you can create a system of shelves tailored on your needs of style and space.

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