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Kobe. The marble effect also in the office. 14.12.2020

Kobe, the latest product, has recently been released by Newform Ufficio, a collection that includes numerous and versatile solutions adaptable to different contexts. In addition to the many technical and stylistic proposals, also the catalogue of finishes allows you to customize as much as possible each environment, entrusting the choice of colours and materials with the ability to convey identity messages, practical needs or expressions of taste.

Newform Ufficio, a company of ARAN World group, can count on a long experience in woodworking and with many materials of the latest generation, and also has the ability to stay up to date on the latest trends. One of these has as its protagonist in the ‘marble effect’, increasingly appreciated in every furniture sector. The marble, after all, has always had a special and authoritative aura with its endless shades, bright reflections and that inherent capability to be ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ at the same time. Today it is considered a great classic, able to give an unquestionable touch of style to any environment, and that’s why Newform Ufficio decided to pay homage to it with a particular laminate finish among the proposals of Kobe collection.

So, the service units become the fulcrum of an essential furnishing project, designed for a shared office. Besides being roomy storage units, they help to separate spaces in larger environments and can serve as a support for desks. Equipped with ducting for the passage of cables and sliding doors, the interior of the compartments can be organized according to your needs, with the possibility to create also open units. The new desks with the top flush with the structure, a distinctive sign of Kobe collection, can be integrated to the back or used independently, in order to better organize the space and increase its usability. The marble effect laminate finish becomes the expression of a formal and professional environment, while the black of the tables strengthens the sense of sobriety and elegance.

With its latest product, Newform Ufficio not only expands the range of collections offered to its specific sector, but also offers furnishing units suitable for any domestic environment: Kobe is, in fact, a clear example of how an essential design and a great choice of finishes and materials can turn a piece of furniture into the perfect and functional furniture for your home.


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