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Kobe: at home as in the office 03.03.2021

The design possibilities for Kobe, the latest Newform Ufficio collection, are truly endless. Thanks to its wide range of items, this line of furniture offers always-different solutions, suitable for both work and domestic spaces. It is a great advantage, as working from home is already much more widespread.

Besides the well-known desks with flush tops, Kobe features tables with conical legs: the cone shaped metal furniture legs taper to diameter that lightens the design while the chrome-plated feet become a distinctive detail, which also reappears in the back storage units.

When planning the ideal design of a home study space, the desk is directly integrated into the wall unit: here the modular and customizable bookcase makes room for volumes and documents, while the sliding doors of the storage cabinet allow easy access to everything that you want to keep in order with greater ‘discretion’. To enrich the essential style of the white laminate cabinets and the shiny chrome metal of the table legs, the colour chosen for the Fenix NTM® desk top is the eye-catching Blue Fes, which gives a touch of elegance to the whole environment.

Designed precisely for the office, this composition features Tranché Olmo Tafira melamine back cabinets that, placed in the center of the room, support the desks with two conical legs. These highly customizable storage units can include doors or open shelving as needed, and can turn into a perfect support. The bookcase with built-in cabinetry recalls stylistically the colours of the desks: the black smoked glass doors match the metal Anodic Black table legs, while the Fenix NTM® Verde Comodoro, the same material of their top, appears again on the side panels and on the storage unit top.

Therefore, with Kobe, Newform Ufficio allows you to tailor solutions to suit any space and any need. The wide range of items and finishes, in fact, allows a versatile design able to move from the house to the office seamlessly.


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