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Karan. The Rastelli kitchen designed by Karim Rashid. 25.10.2018

Karan, iconic among the Rastelli collections, is the kitchen which is unmistakably signed by the designer Kamir Rashid. Formerly winner of the Good design Award 2015, thanks to his sinuous, ergonomic, almost futuristic lines, during the past few years it has been protagonist of an important restyling, which lead to a real evolution of the original model, to better meet living needs and contemporary taste.

Rastelli visionary company, which counts ‘customer satisfaction’ among its main targets, conceived as ability of reinventing themselves continuously to keep up with current trends, has developed together with Rashid a new version of the Karan kitchen, which, still holding its visual impact, and without renouncing to technology, reflects today’s trend: less is more.

If Rashid’s previous model use to expect a central island with soft lines, centre of gravity in people’s meeting and dining, a new rigorous geometric island is now guest star of the model Karan, distinguished by a rational and ergonomic arrangement of all components. Food storage, cooking, consumption and wash are actions taking place around this one block, conceived as a functional sharing place. In order to carry out this project we chose metal, extremely hygienic material, for this reason ideal for the worktop, and glass, proposed on the doors with c-channel. As a completion and enrichment of the kitchen, there is WALL, a structure composed of different combinable tall units.

The wide range of finishes, materials and colours, makes Karan a versatile and dynamic kitchen. Able to respond to a tireless need of renovation, and to design trends, the kitchen by Rastelli and Karim Rashid is the result of the harmonization of several principles: plasticity and fluidity, strength and sweetness, minimalism and luxury, discretion and explosion of colours, all together into a unique, coherent and exclusive project.

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