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KAMOS PURE. A collection for open space offices. 29.08.2018

Modern offices are increasingly often real places for sharing. Whether they are traditional openspace environments or more contemporary coworking spaces, the need is to create a place where everyone can improve their work experience in terms of organization, quality and efficiency.

With the Kamos Pure collection Newform Ufficio offers ideal solutions for operative and open workspaces: thanks to the wide range of modular elements, workstations, extensions and connecting accessories, it is possible to create more workcenters to facilitate creative processes, communication and sharing of ideas.

From a technical viewpoint, an integrated metal structure connects several workstations, while pedestals and supporting units, offered in the same finishes as desks, allow to manage space in a versatile and functional way. While it is important to encourage team-working, on the other hand it is necessary to guarantee all workers an area of privacy and concentration. This is why the Kamos Pure collection also includes benches with partition walls, ideal especially in environments where different professional figures coexist, as in coworking spaces more and more frequently.

To complete a collection of furniture with essential lines, available in Tundra Elm, Obscure Walnut, Virgilio Ash and Grey finishes, are the aluminum details and the possibility of matching with the elements of the Kamos Plus collection, more suitable for executive offices. A dual solution proposed by Newform Ufficio to create a coherent and organized work environment.

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