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KAMOS PLUS. Essential elegance 17.07.2018

The office is much more than a simple workplace: a space for creativity, for the creation and sharing of ideas, values. Designing the office by trying to manage spaces in the best way, improving comfort, increases the efficiency of the work itself and enhances the daily experience of the people involved.

Each collection proposed by Newform Ufficio is designed to furnish a specific area, to offer ergonomic and comfortable solutions as well as customized. An example is Kamos Plus, an elegant and essential line that combined with the Kamos Pure collection allows to better manage the spaces of closed environments as open spaces. Desks, service units, pedestals and bookcases with a minimal design, expression of a solid and comforting simplicity, are enriched by accurate stylistic details and a wide range of elements.

The rational lines of furniture and accessories suggest the mind order to carry out all work activities in the best possible way; a rational taste, underlined by the sober finishes of Tundra Elm and Obscure Walnut, ideal for executive rooms.

Newform Ufficio offers to furnish the work spaces with simple solutions like those of Kamos Plus collection, without ever forgetting that at the center of every project, behind every desk, there are people.

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