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It’s time to meet OmniDecor at Maison&Objet Paris 2024 too 24.01.2024

Specifically according to this season’s theme, TECH EDEN, the future chosen by Maison&Objet to celebrate its 30th anniversary comes together with the business philosophy of OmniDecor which, in its long research process, has demonstrated and guaranteed a wide range of solutions that can keep up with innovation.
OmniDecor’s participation in Maison&Objet Paris 2024 underscores the brand’s unwavering commitment to designing state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly solutions. Research and experimentation, which are essential for the development of architectural and design projects, whether residential or in the contract industry, are transformed into a responsible and environmentally-conscious assessment.

In Paris, from 18th to 22nd January 2024, in the booth (Hall 7, D177) conceived by set designer Lidia Covello, a selection of products from OmniDecor’s Design collection illustrates the technological and aesthetic evolution of glass, offering solutions devised to accommodate the needs of architects, designers and end customers. With Pebbles, the collection of mirrors, candlesticks and coffee tables designed by Kiki & Joost for OmniDecor, the brand’s experience – now an international benchmark in the market of satin finish, decorated and coloured glass for contemporary architecture – implements the creativity of the Dutch couple to give rise to inimitable glass design objects.

The functionality and elegance of glass also adorn the new products for the year that just ended. The Yūrei vases designed by Lidia Covello and Alberto Gaiotto blend in with the transparent set paced with the presence of Bōru, the new screens, also designed by Lidia Covello for OmniDecor.
By pairing glass and light metal to make Yūrei, OmniDecor illustrates the applicability of glass in designing interior furnishings. In the meantime, the alternating different panes of glass (DecorOpal, Bondi, Riga and Specchio) joined together in the Bōru screens underscores the role of glass as an architectural and functional feature.

Japan leaves room for another very strong influence: the counterpoint of abstract art, obtained from the geometric shapes of various shades of DecorOpal deftly picked by Lidia Covello, crosses the transparent surfaces of OmniDecor glass, creating five micro-installations which, once again, remind the observer of the artistic potential of glass as an element of collectible glass design.


Products on display at Maison&Objet Paris

Every single Bōru screen by Lidia Covello, comprising two different panes of OmniDecor glass placed side-by-side, smells like Japan, the designer’s adopted homeland. Bōru screens come in three different shapes, with as many names: Ada, Ida, Ivo.

Yūrei are also Japanese-inspired and conceived by Lidia Covello and Alberto Gaiotto.

Pebbles Coffee table
The coffee Table, with its satin finish mesh pattern, is produced in satin finish or decorated glass and is created from a combination of transparent or semi-transparent round surfaces.
Mirror with or without shelves
Produced with decorated glass shelves, featuring decorations conceived by the designer Kiki, or in satin finish glass. No digital tools were used to make either version, in order to maintain imperfection as the ultimate expression of hand-made quality.
Consisting of several semi-transparent sections, its outline recalls the organic shapes of random pebbles, hence the name of the entire collection.

OmniDecor glass in various shades and shapes overlaps with other transparent surfaces, giving rise to a genuine perceptual challenge in which glass plays the starring role, enhanced by light to its full potential.

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