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Innesti 20.06.2024

Ethimo and Studiopepe have designed a new line of vases to enhance the beauty of nature and decorate outdoor spaces

After Bulbi, the collection of concrete vases inspired by archetype container shapes, Ethimo and Studiopepe have created the new ‘Innesti’, in delicate colours, with elegant welcoming forms, they reveal a fascinating encounter between matter and nature.

In lightweight concrete, the Innesti line of vases comprises three models with ‘soft’ contours. They can be used singly or in groups with different configurations to hold a wide variety of plant and flower compositions, for furnishing outdoor spaces of any size.

“A game of fitting and connecting, a dialogue: the vases in the ‘’Innesti’ collection have been designed to be used in pairs or groups. Their design,” says Studiopepe, “sees a complementary silhouette meaning they can be stood side by side or ‘fitted’ together to create constantly new combinations.”

One of the two cylindrical vases (both with a diameter of 50cm/h60cm) in fact has a concave profile while the other is convex, so that they can be harmoniously fitted together to create a single element. The oval vase (50x100x50cm) with its convex profile is perfect for refined decorative ‘links’. These three new containers are available in the colours Putty and Sand.

In the same way that grafts, in Italian innesti, result in new species and varieties of plants, Innesti by Ethimo and Studiopepe lead to the design of original configurations for furnishing gardens and patios.

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