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Light up the space and enchant with the WallPepper® 09.12.2019

Red, gold and white are bright, shiny, intense colours, able to create engaging and surprises spaces, especially at Christmas, when they become emotional nuances creating the perfect atmosphere.

Red, strong and lively, is a warm color in the interior design field and give a friendly feeling and a more personal “touch”. Gold, with its metal gleams and the preciousness of its shadows, has always been used to make the locations more elegant ad refined. White is another main character of Christmas, icon of purity, recalling the whiteness of the snow. It’s an elegant colour, able to “dress” homes of light, with its refined simplicity, to value them.

With the WallPepper®, this colours find a new way of expression, more suggestive and unexpected, creating brilliant, wonderful, always curios and extraordinary graphics.

The WallPepper® are produce on-demand and tailored to reply to any technical and decorative issue, they are realized just with natural materials, eco-friendly and PVC free, with green and fire resistant certifications.

Thanks to its innovative technologies they become water-proof and sound absorbing solutions. WallPepper®’s magic increases the desire to create the right atmosphere, not only at Christmas.

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