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The dining table as a sculpture 20.09.2018

Radar XL and Convivio, the new tables in the Alivar Home Project collection

The dining room designed by Alivar is an elegant but informal place that is enriched with Radar XL and Convivio, two new products that seem to bypass the simple definition of a ‘dining table’, reaching a deeper meaning. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for the Home Project collection, Radar XL and Convivio are tables that with their great scenic impact set out to be the unrivalled features of the dining room, becoming true works of sculptural beauty, shaped through the skilful use of fine materials.

The round and democratic shape of Radar XL encourages conversation and social interaction between table companions, especially due to the presence of the rotating tray or ‘Lazy Susan’ made of aluminium. The tray lets people ‘reach’ dishes of food very easily and is positioned at the centre of an MDF board with a diameter of 180 cm, available with white marble, national walnut or painted oak finishes. But the element that makes this table true ‘microarchitecture’ is the series of laser cut steel arches that make Radar XL an extraordinary decorative item.

Convivio is marked by a more minimal design, with a 220 cm fine marble top, framed by a painted solid ash or natural walnut structure, machined on 5 axes. In this table with ‘imposing’ sizes and shapes, the art of woodwork is fully expressed through plays on horizontal and vertical veins with 100% Italian elegance.

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