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The red of Alma Design 08.11.2018

Color plays an essential role in furnishing a home: in addition to the most immediate aesthetic effect, it is a real emotional “factor”, able of creating atmosphere and arousing feelings.

When color ‘dress’ furnishing complements, accessories, objects or walls, can give that extra touch able to enhance an environment and make it unique; the color also reflects the style and personality of each of us thanks to its strong symbolic and evocative value.

Red means passion, desire, is a strong and decisive color that expresses vitality and joy. In interior design, especially in winter, it is a warm and vibrant color, capable of convey a greater sensation of warmth. Sometimes, on the other hand, it represents a real aesthetic habit.

That is why red can not miss in the proposals of those who make the color, functionality and versatility the essential elements of a project. With Alma Design, red becomes the protagonist of many collections, ideal for furnishing both private and contract spaces.

The red of Alma Design is expressed through different shades, from the most intense and decisive to the brightest and most brilliant, to enhance and personalize (even at Christmas!) the environments that welcome it, creating experiences, emotions, ideas and aspirations.

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