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The new table from Milano collection. SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli for Turri. 12.05.2021

Milano is a boldly characterized collection designed by SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli as a tribute to the cosmopolitan city of Milan. Turri presents it’s highly awaited new table to expand the Milano line of furniture which was among the protagonists of this interior lifestyle brand’s renew in style.

A symbol of conviviality and sharing par excellence, the round top, available in marble or in glossy lacquered wood is supported by an attractive base which is a combined expression of Italian craftsmanship and continuous research in design. It’s base is a chrome metal plate from which a glossy series of lacquered wooden ‘blades’ rise up to the table top, creating a fascinating play of perspective between light, shadow and diagonal cuts. The leather inserts and the metal base are consistent details among others of the Milano Collection – characterized by the meticulous workmanship of the various materials.

The Milano Collection by SBGA was conceived from the desire to ‘emphasize lightness’ whilst creating ‘structures under tension’.  This was achieved by the interaction of metal and the glossy finish of the lacquered wood,  creating overall bright and contemporary pieces of furniture. These principles are evident in this new round table where the base structure has been wisely crafted to form sharp shapes yet softened at the edges by leather trims. Intended for the Living Area, the Milano Table is the perfect start and expression of Turri’s new stylistic language.



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