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The new WallPepper® Trend-Line Catalogue makes its first appearance at Ambiente 27.01.2017

New collections, new subjects and a new way to use wallpaper: the WallPepper® Trend-Line Catalogue 2017 is full of new ideas, starting from the brand philosophy that aims to realize tailor-made and eco-friendly wallcovering.

The paper features – PVC free and printed with green inks – turns into an eco-friendly surface that can offers, each time, different trends.

With the new catalogue, WallPepper® brings on the wall the echoes of monuments, decorations and frescos from the past, references to different materials and to far away countries, elegant trompe l’oeil and joyous tropical atmospheres.

Many suggestions have inspired the Creative team in the design of these unique subjects for the 2017 Catalogue. The new wallpapers will be presented for the first time at Ambiente, the reference fair for home decoration that will take place in Frankfurt, from February 10th to 14th.

The best graphics from the Trend-line Catalogue will thus make their first appearance in the WallPepper® booth (Hall 9.0 Booth F50); not only walls, because the project will be improved by a new way of using wallpaper as flooring. The special treatment with WallSilk® TR, a three components protective system, allows the WallPepper® product to become walkable. It’s now possible to decorate the flooring with wallpaper, creating a surprising space continuity or, otherwise, a nice contrast made by different images.

Therefore, home can be decorated with the elegance of the “Classic” line boiserie, the marble’s preciousness in “Monochrome”, the oriental symbolism of “Silk way”, The “Grand tour” perspectives, the “Postmodern” mechanisms or with the luxuriant tropical flora of “Tropikos” collection. These graphics can trasform the interior spaces in a three-dimensional treasure of images.

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