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Modern living according to Turri 27.01.2020

2019, for Turri, was a year of significant change. The company from Brianza, whose DNA is deeply rooted in all-Italian craftsmanship, was able to capture new market needs and a change in the tastes of its reference target, succeeding in offering increasingly modern and contemporary furnishing solutions.

Recent partnerships have given rise to collections such as Milano, designed by Studio SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli, Vine, by Chinese designer Frank Jiang, andZero, designed by the young architect Andrea Bonini, who all interpret the new company philosophy, in their capacity as ambassadors of exclusive beauty, because they are capable of accommodating recent trends without forgoing the value of craftsmanship.

Turri’s mission is to carry a new concept of ‘living in beauty’ through its furnishing solutions, the proposals for the living roomare the result of meticulous research. Undeniably, in every home, the living room reflects the residence taste, since it is a place for socializing and sharing life.

In the Milano collectionthe contrast between the harshness of metal and the softness of leather is striking, almost as if it were suggesting a combination between ‘industrial design’ and craftsmanship tradition. The design of the large sofas and comfortable armchairs in fact plays on this contrast: a metal base with a flowing silhouette supports a woven leather structure, which is the ideal shell for generous and soft fabric cushions. The round or rectangular coffee tables recall the linear and seamless design of the metal base, which supports and almost surrounds the table tops. The display cabinet and the TV unit are the perfect expression of harshness and light weight; once again the harshness of metal, which defines the structure, and the light weight of glass, which has been selected for the doors and shelves.

The distinguishing feature of the Vine collectionis the wood work, which almost looks like a tree branch, just like vine stock, designer Frank Jiang’s source of inspiration. It can be found in the cylindrical base and in the coffee table incorporated into the sofa, also in the elegant and light structure of the deep armchair, and finally in the various-heights of the coffee tables embellished with metallic details, leather inserts and marble shelves. The ‘signature’ element of the collection is the storage cabinet, which brings together all the characteristics of the collection.

Clean-cut silhouettes and harsh shapes find their ideal expression in the Zero collection, designed under the concept ‘less is more’. The impeccable choice of materials and the exquisite craftsmanship makes it unnecessary for using further decorative elements. The result is a range of furnishings with a vaguely Oriental look, whose fil rouge, from the sofas, to the armchairs and coffee tables, is the fundamental metal structure which supports the geometric volumes of the sofa padding and the various coffee table tops, in order to give their surroundings some movement. Small, precious details enhance the pureness of the design of the display cabinet and TV unit: the curved doors and the choice of marble, glass and leather emphasise the clean-cut silhouettes, to achieve timeless elegance.

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