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The comfort in office according to Alma Design 06.09.2018

The world of work is constantly evolving and moving. Habits, tools, interactions and last but not least the spaces, which become more and more flexible, dynamic and shared.

Today, the tendency to define always different concepts, leads the office to be no longer considered as a simple place where carry out daily activities, but a space for relationships, with a very precise personality, connotation and function.

The office is therefore a space for creativity, production and sharing of ideas, experiences and values. Designing it means managing and organizing spaces in the best way, improving the comfort and quality of life of the people in.

Moreover design takes on a fundamental role, establishing itself as a starting point for creating ‘better’ places, which increasingly look at the wellness of people.

Alma Design, to meet the latest demands of the world of work, creates ergonomic solutions, welcoming and functional, expression of a design that combines simplicity and comfort.

With a well-defined,but at the same time versatile design, Alma Design creations respond to the most diverse work needs, respect the architecture of the context in which they fit and enhance it, making it usable and aesthetically pleasing.

Some Alma Design collections, such as the iconic X Collection, created to furnish living and dining spaces in residential or hotel areas, find an ideal location even in the common areas of large offices, such as reception, meeting rooms or relaxation spaces, suggesting the same feelings of comfort of a domestic environment.

With Alma Design furnishings, the concept of a modern office moves away from the usual idea of static and formal space to approach the image of an open and flexible environment, a welcoming and interesting place, capable of stimulating creativity and improving sociality.

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