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Details make all the difference – Turri style in the heart of Hangzhou 29.10.2019

Exquisite materials, precious surfaces, sophisticated colour schemes and unique details that make both architectural features and finishes, not to mention the furnishings and accessories, really stand out. Turri’s style is all about attention to detail and this is expressed to the full in Hangzhou Shangtang, a project in the city’s Gongshu District, where this Italian company has completed the first show apartment.

As part of the dynamic and continuously evolving context that is transforming the capital of the province of Zhejiang, this interior design project, created entirely by Andrea Bonini on behalf of Turri’s partner FOR.D, underlines Turri’s design ability and clearly shows the company’s talent for creating bespoke furnishings for specific projects.

Yet another confirmation of this company’s ability to successfully interpret the needs of its high-end customers when developing contract projects, whether residential or not, no matter how large or where in the world they may be. From detached villas to residential complexes with many apartments, from private homes to hotels.
This flexibility is essential in this market context, as is Turri’s strong identity, allowing the company to accept customer requests without altering their personal identity and style.
By blending international and urban style, European references and a more oriental take on attention to detail, it was possible to create this perfect mix of surfaces and furnishings that gives this project such added value.
Light, sand-coloured marble with unique veining, warm Chevron wooden flooring and sophisticated leather panelling, as well as the precious surfaces, all express the pursuit of excellence that can be found in all aspects of this project and which is the real challenge in high-end projects such as the one in Hangzhou Shangtang.
The panelling is a great example of this perfect symbiosis between a design that is careful to strike the right balance in terms of proportions and modular scanning of the walls, and the ability to integrate a range of features and materials. In fact, the perfectly flush surfaces are framed and enhanced by satin-effect brass, with the upper part featuring a large cornice made from lacquered wooden slats that defines the ceiling mount and interacts with the marble portals marking the thresholds of the rooms, connecting them with the corridors and distribution spaces.
A series of portals that creates a monumental effect which, when combined with the use of marble, gives the room a classic and elegant appearance. Metal inserts, acting as details, frames or outlines, are used throughout all rooms of the home, brought out by the reflections created by the natural light that floods in through the large glass openings.
Overall, this project is the result of a contemporary approach that attributes a decorative role to the essence of the materials, combined with a concept that has been transformed into a linear design, acting as a backdrop to the soft shapes of the furnishings and accessories.
Turri has contributed its design expertise and production flexibility to create bespoke furnishings, including some of its collections in this organic and harmonious environment, such as its Madison dining room, Noir line for the TV unit, small tables and rugs, and Vogue office chair for the study.
An integrated project where fixtures, such as the bench that runs underneath the large window or the bespoke kitchen, have been designed to make the rooms more functional and liveable. A residential context in which Turri’s collections increase the comfort of those living there, fully conveying the research and production quality that form such an intrinsic part of this company’s history.

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