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Hues of green infuse Turri’s latest designs with eternal style 13.12.2023

Two products from Turri’s latest collections, the Domus sofa by Matteo Nunziati and the Soul sofa by Giuseppe Viganò, have been revived by the colour of fresh beginnings: green.

Derived from the Latin vir?dis, the word “green” has a long history of describing not only a lively colour but also the act of sprouting, and, in a figurative sense, things that are recent or new. And it is lush green that “re-dresses” two Turri upholstered seats. The first maintains its original seat and backrest design. Matteo Nunziati’s sofa from the Domus collection is available in the new colour and comes in four different versions: an armchair, two-seater, three-seater, and four-seater.

Without disrupting the balance of details that make the Domus collection unique, timeless luxury is interpreted through a new shade. The inclusion of green in the catalogue expands options, while maintaining the opportunity to distinguish the base from the upholstered part by choosing different fabrics and accents.

The spirit of Soul, designed by Giuseppe Viganò, remains unchanged, too, as evident in precious leather inserts, which start from the edges of the armrests and continue to the folds of the backrest’s internal corners. In its most recent style, the Soul sofa features a large grain fabric with flecks of white against dark green. Sand-coloured leather inserts accentuate the sofa’s colour and form. The Soul sofa continues to be available in the two-seater, three-seater and modular versions, customisable in different finishes, as per the samples.

Chromatic themes and refined details underscore Turri’s pursuit of modern luxury in both the Domus and Soul collections. Committed to the embodiment of contemporary style, Turri’s chromatic colour choices express timeless luxury while upholding its Made in Italy heritage.

The company’s creative direction veers away from opulence, leaving plenty of room for strong character and clean lines. Together with the designers of the Turri family, the new additions to the catalogue simultaneously exhibit contemporary style and decades of Italian artisan wisdom.

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