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The new Horizon of comfort 28.01.2019

Soft, plump cushions to delve into and rediscover the authentic meaning of comfort- these are the features that immediately stand out upon glancing at the new Horizon sofa in the HOME PROJECT collection by Alivar. A classic contemporary style, the leitmotif of the line designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, is once again presented in this new and attractive piece of furniture, whose underlying value and strength can be found in the ‘merger’ of tailored perfection and pure, elemental shapes.

The distinguished simplicity of Horizon has earned it the adjective ‘versatile’, meaning it can adapt easily and smoothly to extremely different surroundings, in terms of both style and personality. Horizon features a steel and wood frame covered with a various density polyurethane foam padding and upholstered with polyester fibre, supported by slim yet robust painted cast aluminium legs. The antithesis between the generous volumes and the lightness of the supports was skilfully achieved so as not to “weigh down” the surrounding setting, but rather strike a balance with the other items of furniture making up the living room. For an all-round comfortable experience, the armrests and backrest have been designed to prove even more welcoming thanks to their slightly slanted position.

With Horizon, comfort has a new horizon, to be discovered and explored in full.

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