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HOOK. The Study Corner at home becomes pop. 21.11.2019

Managing to create a ‘study corner’ at home is an increasingly felt need not only among those who work remotely, but also for those who need to carve out a space to attend to any tasks, store documents, or maybe study something interesting.

Karim Rashid has designed the colorful and attractive Hook collection for Newform Ufficio, perfect also for home spaces. Its desks feature a design both linear and whimsical, and thanks to a set of simple accessories, can be placed in different rooms offering everything you need to find a space to concentrate.

Hook, customizable in its finishes and colors, includes glass or laminate desktops that can be lit by an LED arch: in this way, besides keeping the desk clear, a pleasant ambient light will also spread. Under the main desktop it is possible to insert a second top – as big as the desktop or the size of a shelf – so as to gain an additional support for files, planners, documents, or to hide cables. To optimize space even further, drawers, storage units, shelf systems to replace the thin metal legs are also provided.

Thus, with the Hook desk – winner of the Award Recipient C77DA – The Best of Design – the study corner can be turned into a furnishing accessory, giving a definitely pop touch to the home space.

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