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Newform Ufficio: Hook for Karim Studio 19.06.2019

Karim Rashid, great enemy of small and dark offices, with ‘sad photos hanging on the walls of a brown wall’, chose Hook, the collection designed for Newform Ufficio, to enliven even more his New York studies, expression of inspiration and creativity.

The Karim Studio is a large colorful and sparkling space, where every day a team of creative young people puts all their talent for design. Rashid, who believes in the beneficial power of beauty over people’s lives, wanted to make his offices comfortable and inspiring as if they were a home, that is, the place where you feel more at ease than nowhere else.

To suggest a sense of freedom, sharing and privacy at the same time, the designer first created, and then chose, the Hook collection, winner of the C77DA Award – The Best of Design.

This collection of office furniture entirely produced in Italy in the plants of Newform Ufficio is striking for the lightness of the lines, the possibility of customization, and for the colors that inspire positive feelings, just as those given off in a workplace should be.

Designed to be completely modular, the Hook collection includes desks that can be used individually or in groups, just like in Karim Rashid’s studio. The translucent screening systems and the side panels make it possible to immerse oneself in moments of maximum concentration, and yet not to feel excluded by the team of colleagues. Functionality, as it should be in an environment where Design could not provide a more immersive experience, is the protagonist of all the elements. The desks are designed to allow great freedom of movement on the worktop: a second shelf under the table becomes a convenient support for documents and to hide cables; the lighting is performed by LED lamps that overhang the entire length of the desks, also emitting ambient light; modular drawers and shelving file everything you need, from the archive to the stationery, while supporting storage compartments support the tops to replace the thinner metal legs.

Hook is therefore “the idea” of a positive, fresh environment, where creativity and energy help to create equally creative and energetic projects. A perfect path from the concept to its realization, which could not find a better setting than in its birth study, the Karim Studio.


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