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Home Office… between kitchen and living room 30.03.2021

Now, working from home has become the norm rather than the exception. Remote working, already implemented by millions of freelancers around the world – since long ago – has forced many employees to adjust to this new way of working, including those who have long been reluctant. Many people, in fact, have rearranged the space distribution and organization in their homes. The ever-increasing demand for solutions able to combine work and private life – without interfering with each other – suggests that home office will be a long-term custom. The entire furniture sector successfully met this new need, and ARAN Cucine was not caught unprepared. The company has always offered a proposal of matching furniture to create harmony between different environments making the spaces more functional. Moreover, the great possibility of customization allows you to create tailor-made solutions, such as carving out a workspace between the kitchen and the living room.

2020 has been a year of important restyling, providing an opportunity to expand the wide range of kitchen units and finishes with news ready to respond to the changes imposed by the times. Mia model, for instance, one of ARAN Cucine’s best seller entry level, has always had a fresh young soul, and it is characterized for its great versatility, now enhanced by the introduction of new colours and new design possibilities. Among the layouts there is one that stands out for its combination between smooth and processed surfaces (base and tall cabinets in sand finish matching with the wall cabinets in Vesuvio mortar cement effect characterized by a rough texture) and between straight and oblique lines. Besides the wall system, the storage and working space extends to a small island that serves as a support for an asymmetric breakfast table in black spruce E-wood. And it is precisely this finish that appears once again in another extremely functional element: a long and solid shelf integrated to the matching cabinets layout of the living wall system, which can also be turned into a discreet home workstation.

Thus, Mia allows you to create continuity between the elements of the kitchen and those of the living area, with only one item – in this case a matching support top – to carve out a workstation, without affecting the harmony of the surrounding environment in any way. The large bookcase and drawers will be perfect to organize your paperwork or hide it between books and personal documents. With this layout, ARAN Cucine shows how easily it adapts to customer’s changes and needs simply using the living cabinets. A careful design that fit into even the smallest spaces allows you to find always effective and functional solutions without sacrificing design.



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