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Hèritage 10.05.2018

Roberto Giovannini’s 2018 collection features scenographic elements to celebrate the splendour and magnificence of the styles which have inspired the creations of the Maestro Roberto Giovannini.

The new Héritage collection expresses the strong tie with an important anniversary, the 60 years of the enterprise created by Roberto Giovannini: the soul and founder of the company which bears his name.

Héritage is a tribute to all the styles which, since 1958, have been the source of inspiration for Roberto Giovannini’s production. His creations, unique pieces which express the most genuine passion for the art of wood-carving, re-interpret the extraordinary styles of a historical period which spans from the 17th century to the early 19th century, which have become ‘universal reference points’ for classic furniture.

Precise and impassioned, heir to the aesthetic criteria of these two hundred years, Roberto Giovannini has chosen to direct his creativity towards each of these styles, creating items both unique and majestic, whether for their dimensions, for the precision of the details and or the elegance of the contours. These are furnishings capable of transmitting sensations of absolute elegance, comfort and sophisticated wellbeing.

The new Héritage collection is an extraordinary narration of luxury itself, luxury intended as being of the highest level and a quest for beauty, capable of bringing the refinement and the elegance of the residences of nobility into present day living spaces.

All of the new accessories which define the Héritage collection are creations which aspire to that aesthetic perfection which is typical of the epochs from which they are inspired; creations which preserve the tradition of typical Florentine handcrafted wood-carving, for a perfect union between art, history and beauty.

Furniture and accessories realised in natural solid wood reproduce the classics, faithful to the aesthetic criteria of the past, respecting the stylistic discipline and the harmony of the proportions, and permitting inspiration from the present, sincerely maintaining a sensibility for the design and functional and aesthetic features.

With Héritage, Roberto Giovannini confirms his strong and recognisable identity in the panorama of classic interior design, the values of excellence and top quality craftsmanship in wood are highlighted through his production. The characteristics of the product and the woodcarving, often very elaborate and complex, are always well defined.

Roberto Giovannini is also presenting new and exclusive decorative finishings, applied by hand according to the best Florentine decoration tradition,s as well as precious fabrics for enriching the furnishings and enhancing living spaces.

In particular, Roberto Giovannini is introducing the new Perlage (A111) decoration and the Barocco and Argento (Baroque and Silver)(G110) finishing – colours from the Elìte range, and Luxury, realised by hand by Florentine artisan decorators – the new collection of San Marco Vol. II fabrics by Rubelli, the exclusive fabrics and soft velvets by Dedar.

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