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Happy birthday WallPepper®/Group! 20.05.2024

Ten years of ‘emotions on wall’

The Italian wallpaper brand celebrates its ‘first’ ten years, ten years of technical and artistic explorations, that led to the creation of extremely high-quality wall coverings, tailor-made and produced using eco-friendly and certified materials. WallPepper®/Group has changed the world of interior design, actualizing the chance to transform every environment, thanks to extraordinary images. These define today a proposal of over 800 graphics, to which can be added entirely custom-made projects, that can all be manufactured in every material present in the catalogue.

The 2024 Catalogue, result of international artists’ creativity and of the WallPepper®/Group Creative Team, becomes an evocative volume of the brand’s ‘first’ ten years. To celebrate this special anniversary, in addition to all the new graphics (100!) narrated in this edition, WallPepper®/Group created the 10 Years Collection: a selection of unique and exclusive images, born from the collaboration with ten artists very close to the brand, who interpreted the universe of meanings that, in their own opinion, communicates the spirit of WallPepper®/Group best. Playing with the graphic identity of the company, the logo and its colours, they created extraordinary artworks that truly are real visual quotes of the brand itself.

Design, creativity and innovation, together with a constant attention to personalization, are the elements that during these ten years made – and will keep doing so – WallPepper®/Group’s products decorative artworks of high esthetical and technical value. So, every catalogue portrays a new step in the journey inside the wall decoration world signed WallPepper®/Group.

This anniversary not only represents a first major milestone for the brand, but also a company’s moment of growth: Alessandro Locatelli succeeds as new director of WallPepper®/Group the founder Diego Locatelli. A generational change that brings new visions and strategies, guiding the brand and interior decoration towards the future with the same passion that has been characterising this young and dynamic reality since the beginning. Also, WallPepper®/Group proudly features today an international team with staff resources from all over the world and a large female component, surely a sign of strength and opening towards new perspectives and ideas.

WallPepper®/Group, much more than wallpaper

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