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Guadalupe: the kitchen to embrace and live the Family 28.02.2023

Guadalupe is the new ARAN kitchen designed to embrace and live the family. A vision of the Abruzzan company to make the domestic dimension even more people-friendly, starting loud and clear with its name: Guadalupe, in fact, is a personal name of Spanish origins.

Its meaning echoes life and boldness, and it is associated with love, affinity and gathering.  All elements that are once again protagonists in a space to live – the kitchen – which tells itself in the linear disposition of the cooking area.

In this composition, the central area, surrounded on the left from the snack area in E:wood and on the right from the equipped wall system with two ovens and a built-in fridge, suggests the necessary presence of people. Here, the overlook on the entire space meets the core of the configuration that, in Guadalupe, is not in the structure of the kitchen but in the free space which remains – free but never empty.

The humanity within rediscovers the value of memory through the wood grains appearing from the soft pastel color, which recall familiar memories and traditions typical of country houses.

To reveal all the modernity of the ARAN Cucine Made in Italy are the details of the Groove handles in titanium metal, deliberately big, together with the marble backsplash and the considerable dimensions of the volumes.

Moreover, in Guadalupe the maximum customization is once again a brand guarantee that, thanks to a wide catalogue, offers many possibilities of finishes and materials capable of satisfying the needs of those invited to live this space, in a very personal and unique way.

The interiors, articulated by storage functions and well-organized spaces, reflect a tailor-made kitchen project that interprets the needs of the modern families and that adapt itself to a philosophy of contemporary living.

The functional design, supported by ARAN Cucine know how, unveils the quality of the relationships which embrace family life.

A strategic role in this embrace is played by the Module 13 that builds all the Guadalupe proportions.

The ‘extra storage’ system, based on 13 cm multiples, offers the best functionality without forgetting the characteristics of a space designed to welcome people, stories and relationships.

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