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Grand Life and Milk 28.04.2020

2020 News

Grand Life, sun lounger

The line created by Ethimo together with Christophe Pillet sees the addition of a new sun lounger.

Grand Life, the lounge collection with its understated, warm, refined style that fulfils a desire to express real Italian Lifestyle, sees a new addition in the same mix of materials and shapes as the other furnishings, comfort again going hand in hand with looks.

The sun lounger Grand Life has the same tailored feel and generous proportions, and does its job with extraordinary comfort thanks to soft ample cushions. Its teak frame has a metal core to ensure sturdiness and solidity, and the characteristic refined woven acrylic rope used for the backs on all the lounge furnishings is also used for the handy low table built into the lower part of the lounger.

Contemporary design and the sophisticated allure of noble materials, textiles and pure lines make Grand Life perfect for furnishing areas around the pool, patios or gardens in the most elegant residential or luxury hotel settings.

Milk design Emmanuel Gallina

Ethimo and Emmanuel Gallina light up open-air settings with a new lamp inspired by the world of pop art.Contemporary outdoor living welcomes a new player, the Milk lamp, an ‘object’ that stands out thanks to its ironic, curious shape, bringing life to spaces outside with pleasing lighting effects.

Milk, whose name and design bring to mind the traditional milk bottle, is a lantern with a ‘nomad’ spirit perfect for surfaces or hanging, as required by its setting. Noble materials such as sandblasted glass, teak and leather combine to create a delicate new light ‘container’ powered by wireless hybrid solar energy. The expressive capacity of Milk shines forth in its shape and the warm gentle light it provides, reflecting the typical decontextualisation that is the basis of pop art.

Milk is a multi-sensory ‘lighting detail’, perfect as decoration for terraces and gardens by day and as illumination for a chilled, laidback mood on summer evenings spent outside.

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