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Grand Life 13.02.2019

Ethimo and Christophe Pillet

A new collaboration that celebrates creativity, the culture of design, and the unmistakable elegance of Italian style.

Grand Life is the new ‘story’ designed by Ethimo, a lounge collection conceived by Christophe Pillet to enhance the most elegant of outdoor spaces.

A line of furniture whose name encapsulates its significance. Grand Life conjures up images of timelessly beautiful places, of captivating and relaxing atmospheres, landscapes that inspire sensations of peace and serenity, and outdoor spaces decorated with simple, warm, and elegant furniture, an authentic expression of the Italian Way of Life.

Mediterranean style, contemporary design, and nobility of materials: the Grand Life collection bears the unmistakable mark of Ethimo products. Grand Life epitomizes the standards of manufacturing excellence, incorporating artisan quality and innovation with comfort and design.

The Grand Life collection offers sofas and over-sized lounge chairs of decisive, pure, and essential architecture and with meticulous and delicate details; furniture that reveals a sartorial spirit and that represents a new philosophy for al fresco living.

The warmth and elegance of teak and lightweight fibre combine to create extraordinarily ergonomic and comfortable furniture, the expression of a more relaxed lifestyle and a more sophisticated daily routine.

The body of the furniture is constructed in teak with a metal core, while the backrests of the various types of seating are formed through the skilful and elegant weaving of acrylic rope.

Fluffy, generously-sized pillows, made from soft fabrics specifically designed for outdoor use, accentuate the sense of comfort and well-being.

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