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Gold Moon Chandelier: a cascade of light and gold 26.11.2018

Gold Moon Chandelier is the new creation from Catellani & Smith, in which gold colour communicates a message of warmth and refinement in a space. Similar to a cascade of falling lights, this spectacular lighting composition amazes and becomes an eye-catching element in the context of contract-projects, in hotels and private residences.

Catellani & Smith has reinterpreted the traditional notion of “chandelier” through its unique approach and has created a modernized design version of an object that seems to be outdated nowadays.
Gold Moon Chandelier is composed of a set of irregular discs, suspended from a satin-steel base by thin cables of different lengths. The discs have a diameter of 20 cm and are covered by thinnest gold-coloured leaves. They ‘host’ precious copper curls and small gems of glass, provided with LED light sources. The interchangeable LEDs are IGBT / Triac dimmable and therefore the intensity of light can be adjusted, to get the most suitable lighting in the rooms in which the chandelier is installed, according to various needs.

Custom versions of the Gold Moon Chandelier are also available, to meet diverse requirements: the ceiling base is available in various diameters, according to the number of pendants, which may vary starting from a minimum of 20 elements.

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