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Catellani & Smith at Fuorisalone 2017 22.03.2017

Salvioni Milano Durini

Catellani & Smith has found a home in the new Salvioni Milano Durini concept store, in via Durini 3, Milan. Located in the heart of the city, the showroom is housed in a historic building which dates back to the early 20th century and is an excellent example of traditional Milanese architecture. It is arranged vertically over six floors, each with a different theme, and has an overall area of 1.100 m2. The display areas, which were designed by the architect Riccardo Rocchi and complemented by a series of outdoor terraces, offer a selection of different living styles. Here the visitor can draw ideas and inspiration for their personal way of enjoying their home environment.

Catellani & Smith lamps, which have been installed in this evocative place, ‘intervene’ in the conversation between the furnishings and spaces, creating harmony and filling the rooms with light. A standard version and a customized model, made especially for the new concept store according to the specific needs of the space, of one of Catellani & Smith most important creations is associated to each floor of the building. The Lederam, Fil de Fer, Luci d’Oro, Stchu-moon and Turciù series are some of the collections present inside the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom.

In addition to the family of products designed for indoor lighting, the outdoor collection is also present. In this way, the light sources of the aluminium spheres of the iconic Fil de Fer and the other new outdoor creations are able to create a magical atmosphere on outdoor terraces and vertical gardens.

Casa della Luce – via Ventura

A must-see destination during Milan Design Week ‘Fuorisalone’ is ‘Casa della Luce’ – in Ventura – Lambrate district – which again this year opens its doors to visitors from all over the world.
Set within a spectacular exhibition of lights and sounds that excites and captivates visitors, Enzo Catellani’s installation of discs covered in gold leaf and lit by micro LEDs of different sizes and different heights cross the large main hall.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Enzo Catellani, with this project, pays homage to the Sun and its warmth, creating a sense of space through a clever balance of music, light and shade. A fascinating atmosphere that fills the eyes of visitors with wonder, a unique work that combines art, design and craftsmanship, and leads the visitor in discovery of light, in a ‘new light’.

New outdoor collection

Enzo Catellani has designed his first collection of outdoor lights for Catellani & Smith in response to the trend that, over the years, has seen living spaces move outside into terraces and gardens, creating extensions of the house.
Enzo Catellani’s main goal was to create a collection of indoor lamps suitable for outdoor installation; lighting fixtures created for the outside, but able to recreate the same warmth and atmosphere as indoor lights.

Glass plays a starring role in this collection; glass which, before being completely cooled, is shaped by hand.
As occurs with the processing of all Catellani & Smith lamps, aesthetics and craftsmanship are combined with the latest technology for outdoor lighting.
The most striking piece in the collection is Medousê, a light made of two overlapping glass hemispheres, which is green when switched off, to complement the surrounding landscape perfectly, and an ethereal white when switched on.

Also made of glass, the composition of irregular shapes of More, which is supported by stems in green-gold colour, seems to magically emerge from the ground like a luminous hedge. More moves and sways with each gust of wind and becomes the fruits of a tree in the unique piece ‘Albero della Luce’, created by Enzo Catellani in 2005, whose copper trunk, in several colour shades, takes us back to a magical nature of the past.

The new Syphasera series, which developed from a project by Biolago Piscine & Natura, coordinated by Maurizio Quargnale, completes the outdoor collection. Syphasera is a potentially endless family of customizable light sources, which are available in different versions for the ground, for pots or for water, and which when off are able to blend into the surrounding natural environment. These luminous ‘plants’ are ideal for architects and designers as they can create new shapes, flourish, multiply and change their surroundings. If ‘design’ means ‘to invent’ new shapes, then Syphasera is a piece of non-design that doesn’t dare change something that is already naturally perfect. Syphasera is nature, but gives light. The family includes several elements, developed by Guido Parenzan and Maurizio Quargnale together with the expertise of the agronomist Maurizio Vegini.

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