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Young designers for MY home collection’s new releases 27.04.2017

MY home collection is taking part in the Salone del Mobile for the first time, under the art direction of AngelettiRuzza Design, with new products designed by talented young designers – Elena Salmistraro, Vito Nesta, Ilaria Innocenti, Serena Confalonieri and Paolo Boccamino – and by the architect Lorenzo Palmeri, which reflect and interpret the fresh and dynamic image of a recently established brand, yet one which has already proven immensely popular. Every single product wants to tell a story, and it does so through the use of colours – some brighter, others more ‘timid’, as well as materials that ‘cheer up’ their surroundings with a touch of informality.

Here is the Ula & Baba line of chairs/armchairs by Serena Confalonieri, which play the starring role in a fun game of colours and contrasts that draw their inspiration from traditional clothing and accessories used by African tribes, with the bright hues of tropical flora and the warm hues of the soil. The contrast is further emphasised in the pursuit of volumes between the backrest and seat, and the slimline monochromatic body that moves sinuously across the soft shapes of the padding.

With its enveloping and gentle silhouette, the Chemise armchair expresses all its softness both in terms of sight and touch. Designed by Ilaria Innocenti, this seat is clothed with a purposely abundant fabric, available in various colours, that alternate with the rhythm of the stitching and with the tubular metal frame. Chemise envelops and protects with a warm embrace, encouraging experimentation with the utmost comfort and relaxation.

Also by Ilaria Innocenti, the Halfie coffee table plays a dual role of coffee table – ideal for the living room – and bedside table, the perfect bedroom companion. A practical trinket tray distinguished by an oval stone top, split in half, and suspended over a slight metal frame. Halfie is an original and extremely versatile piece of furniture, capable of storing small objects such as books or accessories, and of housing a bedside lamp and an array of ornaments on its table top.

Drawing their inspiration from the world of fashion, the Belte ottoman and the Lok coffee table are designed by Elena Salmistraro. Two design objects that accentuate the roundness of the shapes with a fine metal ‘belt’ that ’embraces’ and embellishes, adding an original touch to their surroundings. Belte and Lok stand out for their ‘young’ and exclusive design, that is truly eye-catching.

As its name suggests, Frog is a fun seat that recalls the shape of a frog. Designed by Paolo Boccamino, Frog stands out for its generously-sizedframe, the linear and rounded shape of which, along with the soft upholstery, provide a genuine ‘homage to hospitality’.

For the MY home collection, Vito Nesta has designed Anatomica, the collection of porcelain objects inspired by the human body. Hence the shaping of Mano (Hand), Piede (Foot) and Testa (Head) which, owing to bright, lively colours, shine brightly and embellish their surroundings. The Testa flower vase, which is split in two, like the left and right hemisphere of the human brain, represents creative instinct and logical reasoning. The profile of the Mano and Piede, on the other hand, has been simplified by removal to achieve two elemental objects which represent the archetype of these suggestive shapes.

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