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Giano, the two ‘faces’ of an exclusive accessory 11.10.2019

Alivar’s new chest of drawers holds the past and the future

Depicted with two faces, Janus looks in opposite directions: towards the past and towards the future.
Just like the new “Giano” (Janus) chest of drawers in Alivar’s Home Project collection, which not only takes its name from this ancient Roman god, but also draws upon his strong symbolism.

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, Giano is a bedroom accessory that’s inspired by the past, with its neo-vintage charm being defined by contemporary style.
This piece features drawers of two different sizes, designed to store clothing, and side compartments with inner shelves for small daily objects as well as hooks to keep belts and ties well organised. Just like Janus’s two faces, two large, full-length mirrors open up and close to the sides, revealing or concealing, as necessary, the two side compartments with their lacquered finish and delicate linen colour.

Yet more space is created with the central mirror, which is fixed and always visible, giving the chest top greater depth.
Measuring 163 cm high and 65 cm wide, Giano has an important presence and is made entirely from heat-treated oak, black oak and Italian walnut, upholstered with elegant leather, as are the drawers and the handles with their visible stitching and satin nickel inserts.

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