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Four special partnerships for new limited edition WallPepper® Capsules Collections 15.11.2018

The Italian company introduces some new arts born in collaboration with artists and fashion companies.


In 2018 WallPepper® surprised everyone with 90 new arts, bringing the catalog to over 200 graphics, but that’not all. WallPepper® now introduces for the very first time an exclusive capsule collection, born from the partnership with important people belonging to the Italian artistic panorama. These four capsule collections involve the illustrations of Guido Crepax, the photographs of Maurizio Galimberti, the exclusive fabrics of Opaline and, for this special occasion, the graphics of Piero Gemelli.

Choosing a limited edition art by WallPepper® means to cover a surface with a tailor-made work of art, realized on an ecological support with outstanding performances.

The WallPepper® capsule collections will be regularly renewed, confirming the strong desire of the company to stand out from other competitors on the market, offering many artistic solutions and not only some standard ones.

WallPepper® is imagination, surprise, art.

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