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Flavour of the sea, flavour of Wallpepper® 06.05.2016

The countdown to the holidays has officially begun. There is not long to wait before June that magically proclaims the beginning of the summer: weekends under the sun, suntan, fun on the beaches, relax in the swing waves’ sound. The imagination journey follows the place that excites you the most and the dream home that makes you feel completely immersed in so much deserved holidays. We want that everything to be different from the everyday routine: the rooms that welcome you have to speak about nature, sea, vegetation or fauna and every detail must immediately remind us where we are. Lanterns, shapes, candles, colours, trousseau texture, bed sheets but the walls themselves are called to convey the soul of the place and to become a piece of our unforgettable experience.

The decorative walls by Wallpepper® give to the resort homes the mark of our imagination, able to transform the living in an aquarium teeming with different species of fishes, or they could become vertical surfaces with seabed full of shells and sea stars. So, the brand interpreted with originality the most popular summer figures: two-dimensional drawings of octopus, squids, dolphins, seahorses and algaes dominate the graphic of the coatings, with pastel colours that increase its imaginary and seductive features.

Grafico and Naturalis are the two collections that gather the ocean inhabitants offering an unique interpretation of the walls decoration. Surrounded by Wallpepper® subjects, the room becomes a tank full of water and the guest a scuba diving who explores the crowded depths full of never-frightful curious creatures.

With Wallpepper® we can’t say we decorate your spaces with the typical colours – blue, beige, water green – or with the classic forms of the sea world. The walls tell a story, they set up a fascinating world with whom you can interact.

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