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Fil Rouge, Florentia dining room 15.05.2019

History, creativity, passion, classic beauty and… colour, this is the beginning of Roberto Giovannini‘s new ‘story’.

Fil Rouge is the name of Roberto Giovannini‘s new 2019 collection; a name which reflects its expressiveness.

Roberto Giovannini‘s Fil Rouge collection is, above all, an expression of continuity. Continuity intended both as a passion for the classic style and for the exquisite art of the highest quality woodcarving; it is also intended as the ability to project into the modern-day epoch the extraordinary luxuriousness of the forms of times gone by, aspects which, right from the outset, have permitted the company to make its mark in the panorama of classic style furniture.

Fil Rouge presents itself, thus, as a ‘collection’ of breathtaking images, a procession of extraordinarily beautiful elite interiors which continue to express Roberto Giovannini‘s aesthetic and conceptual philosophy and the emotions which are transmitted by his creations.

Different settings, ideal places for living the Roberto Giovannini experience, host different types of classic furnishings: different in style, finishings, decorations, materials and fabrics and united by the

Fil Rouge of elegance, good taste and sophistication capable of generating an extraordinary and refined ‘coherence’ of togetherness.

The Dining Room

The starring role in the dining room is taken by the Florentia table (art. 1434CPHAC), a table which reflects the concept of the ‘custom made’ feature of classic furniture. Florentia can reach significant dimensions, passing from a length of 180cm to one of 360cm; the tabletop is realised in Chevron patterned parquet finished in Rovere decapè Nero (Vintage Black Oak) (GT098) and the structure itself is finished in Noir and Argento (Black and Silver) (G098). In an important decorative and ‘organic’ whim, the eight legs joined in pairs support the table structure.

Matching the Florentia table, the exquisite and stylish console table (art. 1429) is available in two different measurements, owning its space as a useful flat surface and at the same time being elegantly ornamental.

The added value in the new console tabl coordinated with the table is also due to the new silver leaf Renaissance (G112) Luxury finishing which ‘outlines’ the structure’s contours: a sublime, high quality decoration which exalts the expertise of the artisan craftsmanship.

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