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ARAN Cucine: Faro & Quadro 20.06.2019

The practice of the good cuisine and the act of cooking itself have had lately such mediatic attention enough to be put on show every day, to the point that there is no longer a time where we had guests just for consuming food, it happens now instead that all the attention falls on its preparation.

In order to create the right harmony between kitchen and living, ARAN Cucine proposes Faro and Quadro, models which are combinable with each other, and capable of ensuring maximum style coherence between all elements, whether they are wall units or shelves, drawers, open modules or kitchen cabinets.

Both characterized by geometric lines and by an explosion of bright colors, Faro and Quadro stand out mostly for their doors: light and with a profile (Quadro), and totally smooth (Faro), but in both cases available with c-channel or handle.

Besides glass units, open modules, hanging cabinets, and wall shelves systems to level out the Tv area and the dining room with a huge freedom of customization, typical feature of ARAN World, there are two particular functional and versatile elements: the bookshelf Fill, with black frame, perfect for any room, and combinable with any shelf, and the magnetic back panel in the kitchen. Enlightened, so to give extreme availability to the cooking area and the worktop, and thanks to its magnetic feature it turns to a great vertical storage surface; this way spice jars, utensils, towels, recipes or tablets can follow the movements and the needs of who uses them.

Perfect also for open spaces and studio apartments, Faro and Quadro are just one among the several examples of ARAN’s ability to respond to all demands of taste, trend, without turning down originality.

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