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Falmec wins three Iconic Awards 2018 26.02.2018

Dama, Oceano and Sintesi are awarded an international prize.

Falmec wins another important international award. Dama, Oceano and Sintesi were awarded three 2018 Iconic Awards: respectively Best of Best, Winner and Selection prizes. With a 60 years history, the Iconic Awards by German Design Council chooses every year’s best products and advocates high quality living standards through functional designs. The jury, a team of international journalists and design experts, chose the winning products using specific criteria such as concept, innovation, design quality, functionality, ease of use and ergonomics.

Dama, a filtering hood but also an interior design product – with a shape lit by an integrated LED system won Best of Best, the most significant award. Dama has a modern build and an innovative heart: Circle.Tech system develops horizontally rather then vertically. Outgoing airflow goes through a filtering unit which encases the motor, with an uniform filtration and excellent performances.

Oceano, the latest E.ion® model, received the Winner award. This hood features a geometric and minimalistic body with perimetral suction all across its lenght. As all other E.ion® System products, Oceano has a leaf sensor that detects polluting agents – such as formaldehyde and cigarettes smoke – monitoring indoor home air quality.

Last but not least, also the new model Sintesi – which will be shown at FTK Eurocucina 2018 in Milan – won the Selection award. Sintesi is the new integrated solution which features (rear suction, total integration, easy installation and quietness) make cooking an easy and practical task.

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