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Falmec presents the new No-Drop System technology with Virgola No-Drop 13.11.2018

The innovative system eliminates the annoying problem of condensation in the kitchen

Falmec presents a new built-in technological solution with Virgola No-Drop model that combines aesthetic needs of linearity in the kitchen with the best Falmec technology. Virgola No-Drop efficiently faces the problem of dripping condensation, especially frequent when using induction hobs that do not have flames to reduce vapours. No-Drop System patented technology solves this problem that affects cooking activities and also furniture maintenance by using a selection of metal cross-bladed filters. They condense cooking vapours, that firstly glide through an inclined duct and then are collected in a dedicated compartment. Metallic filters, usually used to collect greases and oils derived from cooking, are disposed to capture every single particle of condensation and to direct it into a manifold that facilitates its collection and disposal. The surface of the filters are treated with an innovative technology which prevents the formation of drops from steam and fumes.

It comes in three different sizes (60, 90 and 120cm), with a highly efficient 800 m3/h motor, 4 speed electronic control and dynamic LED light enabling you to adjust the hood light temperature to mirror the kitchen’s mood.

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