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Falmec introduces the new compact Spazio 130 11.11.2020

After achieving the prestigious Compasso d’oro Award, the extraordinary Spazio hood by Falmec, designed by Francesco Lucchese, is now also available in a more compact version, specifically for smaller design projects.
The new Spazio model measures only 130 cm, yet manages to preserve the ‘smart concept’ and all the features of the original 180 cm version.

In stainless steel or a black painted steel finish, Spazio 130 is made up of an island structure with two supporting units, plus a smoked glass shelf, useful for storing dishes and other items; it is also equipped with a shelf divided between the body of the extractor and an extra ‘green’ area, designed for setting up a small home garden. Optional accessories, comprised of two trays and a light kit for indoor cultivation, can also be obtained to improve the photosynthesis process, as well as the growth of the plants themselves.

In the lower part of the hood, the structure houses a system of electrical sockets and USB ports to not only ensure that you are always connected to your devices, but also to enable you to recharge them whenever necessary.
In addition, Falmec offers a choice of accessories for 360 ° functionality, such as a fitted channel to organise kitchen equipment, a kitchen roll holder and a spice shelf, plus a practical tablet holder, allowing you to consult multimedia content and your favourite apps more easily.

Spazio 130 becomes part of the successful Circle.Tech collection – patented by Falmec – which, thanks to its advanced filtering technology, allows the outgoing air to spread evenly and be filtered effectively by a series of filters that surround the 600 m3 / h motor.
Like all the other solutions in the Circle.Tech series, the new 130 version, also takes advantage of the special Carbon.Zeo filters, composed of an efficient mix of natural materials such as activated carbon and zeolite. The intelligent combination of these two elements enables the absorption of water vapour and organic compounds during cooking.

Excellent suction performance, combined with silence and an elegant and functional design, make the new Spazio 130 a unique extraction solution.

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