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Falmec partners the Green Pea sustainable project 09.12.2020

We have a shared responsibility for taking care of our increasingly endangered planet. That means we all need to become more conscientious, sustainably-minded consumers.
This new approach to ‘consumption’ is called Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park at the Lingotto in Turin. Green Pea represents the great theme of ‘respect’ and focuses on the protection of the environment in accordance with evolution and development.

Green Pea is a multilevel space built using recycled materials, which takes advantage of the most advanced energy resources and hosts 2,000 varieties of trees and plants. It’s a large 15,000 m2 retail park that is destined to become the new sustainable home of selected brands in design, fashion and beauty making products, all boasting low environmental impact and designed to transform our approach to consumerism.

Within this context Falmec is proud to present itself as the official partner for air treatment systems. The company that shares all aspects of the project, also contributes to this ‘green revolution’ with great enthusiasm. Sustainability is a fundamental issue for Falmec; it affects production, as well as the search for technological innovations, in order to improve the quality of life for the communal well-being and protection of the environment.

Combining the excellence of Made in Italy and of the Veneto Inox Valley, Falmec produces air solutions – such as extractor hoods, integrated cooking systems and purified air systems – in its headquarters in Vittorio Veneto (TV), where the use of AISI 304 stainless steel means that the products are selected to last longer and reduce more waste. It also makes use of a photovoltaic system, which supplies much of the company’s energy production needs.

At Green Pea, the Falmec brand is visible on the first floor, the one dedicated to the Living & Design area. On show here are multiple solutions, such as Mare E.ion island hood from the E.ionTM System collection, a patented technology that, through bipolar controlled ionisation, acts in indoor spaces on all pollutants by purifying, sanitising and improving the environment with remarkable proven benefits for our well-being and health.

Even the hoods in the Circle.Tech collection – technology with ‘filtering’ suction, developed horizontally for maximum thermal efficiency – are added to the list of solutions from the Green concept. So too is the Spazio extraction centre with its smart functions and a green area for growing plants as well as our iconic Sophie hood, showcased here in its lamp-only version, the Sophie Lamp. The Circle.Tech collection relies on special Carbon.Zeo filters that combine the efficient properties of natural materials – such as activated carbon and zeolite – to allow the absorption of water vapour and/or organic compounds during cooking.

Falmec pays special attention to environmental sustainability through its NRSTM Noise Reduction System solutions. This advanced technology is designed to produce incredibly quiet extractor hoods that reduce noise by up to 86% – Gruppo Incasso NRS and Virgola. And last but not least, Virgola No-Drop, which uses metal filters with crossed blades to condense the vapours and convey them into a special container that facilitates collection and disposal.

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