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Falmec in a noir key 10.06.2019

From today the Plane, Mira, Virgola and Polar hoods become total black

Dynamic, versatile, eternal in its sophisticated and minimal charm, total black enters the kitchen, without weighing it down or obscuring it, but rather to enhance it, especially when combined with light or chrome finishes. Accessories, doors, furniture, large and small appliances… the gritty allure noir seems to have conquered the kitchen in recent years. The non-color color trend is also shared by Falmec which, always keep in touch with contemporary trends, now offers the Plane, Mira, Virgola and Polar hoods in the eye-catching matt black painted steel finish, thus enriching the wide range of total black hoods and integrated hob solutions.

A recent example is the unique and indivisible Quantum solution and the iconic Circle.Tech collection models: such as the Sophie suspension solution, Spazio with its shelves and smart accessories, the hood with Up/Down Levante system, or Vega with its perfect lines.
The new total black models Plane, Mira, Polar and Virgola are part of the Design collection, a line that satisfies every desire and need in the kitchen thanks to design solutions with high decorative power and exclusive functional features.

Plane Black, Mira Black and Polar Black, available in both wall and island versions (90 cm for Plane, 40 cm for Mira and 35 cm for Polar), add value and personality to the kitchen with their rigorous and striking geometries. All equipped with an electronic 3 speed + boost keypad and an effective LED lighting system, they are equipped with a powerful 800 m3/ h motor. With a recessed installation, on the other hand, Virgola Black, which thanks to the new finish and the rotatable fumé tempered glass veil, fits perfectly into all those dark colored kitchens and wall units. In the sizes 60, 90 and 120 cm it has an engine with a capacity of 600 m3/ h, 3-speed electronic keypad and dynamic LED lighting (Dynamic LED Light) to balance the various color temperatures of the light and get the desired atmosphere.

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