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Falmec and Quiet Mark: silence in the kitchen 27.11.2018

Falmec strengthens its partnership in Europe with Quiet Mark

The Quiet Mark institution was founded in England in 1959, in response to the growing consumer demand to solve the problem of excessive noise produced by household appliances and everyday electronic devices that ‘dominate’ our daily lives. Through an acoustic test, Quiet Mark rewards and certifies with its own Quiet Mark logo to the companies that achieve high standards in noise reduction and product soundproofing.

Falmec who identified this problem with excessive noise in the kitchen over 15 years ago developed their Noise Reduction System® (NRS®). This certified system is at the forefront of noise control and reduction in the home and, because of this, Falmec have been awarded the Quiet Mark after very stringent and strict testing. Falmec has now the Quiet Mark Branding on products exported to over 22 countries in Europe.

The NRS® technology from Falmec guarantees hoods that ensure maximum silence without effecting performance.
The NRS® collection offers wall-mounted models such as Lumina NRS®, Vela NRS®, Plane NRS®, Flipper NRS® and Aria NRS®, island models as Zenith NRS®, or built-in solutions as Gruppo Incasso NRS®, to meet the demanding needs required in the kitchen. Featuring a powerful 800 m3/h efficient motor, the hoods of the NRS® line provide just a 45 dB acoustic emission at maximum speed which means it’s quieter than library environment.

Lorenzo Poser, Sales and Marketing Director of Falmec, comments: “Various research shows that silence is directly related to our health and mental wellbeing: Falmec wanted to combine two fundamental aspects of good living in the silent technology NRS®: pure air and design, confirming its commitment to developing solutions aimed at improving the quality of time spent in our home environment. ”

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