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Fabula. An oriental fairy tale. 04.12.2019

Fabula is expression of a delicate balance between tradition and contemporary, between classical and modern elements , between familiarity and design. In the wide catalogue of this model, Ulisse Narcisi also succeeded in designing a kitchen version with oriental inspiration.

To meet the various market needs, Rastelli has, in fact, chosen to design a kitchen that, compared to other Fabula versions, was mainly characterized by order, rigour and essentiality.

An example of this is the distribution of the elements in the ideal space where the kitchen is imagined to be – with the operational/cooking area and the washing area on one side and the equipped wall with columns and built-in appliances on the other side – and the almost zen-like balance created by the quality of materials combined with the linearity of volumes: the warmth ofrovere dilavato finish chosen for the doors, in fact, blends in with the more contemporary laccato tortora lucido finish of the wall-mounted unit; the c-channel opening system of the wall cabinets and columns’ doors highlights the essentiality of design and valorises the surfaces, such as the grès cava noir desir opaco used for the splashback and the worktop.

Finally, there is the hub of the kitchen: a kotatsu able to catalyze all the functions related to the most important room of every house, from food consumption to interactions between families and friends. So this is how Fabula pays homage to oriental atmospheres suggesting an essential and comforting simplicity.

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