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FABULA. When a kitchen tells a story. 04.11.2019

Fabula is the last project realized for Rastelli by the designer Ulisse Narcisi, a kitchen inspired by the memory of the most familiar place of the house, a place where people can share stories and feelings. And as the term Fabula does not only means a narrative, but also refers to the series of elements that make up the story, in the same way, the different elements of the kitchen collection tells a story combining modernity and tradition.

Aiming for a fair balance between timeless environments and valuable contemporary accents, the

architect Narcisi, with Fabula, succeed in reinterpreting the classical style and telling the story of a place which is constantly changing; the story of the kitchen, indeed, that even today is the heart of the house for both functional and emotional reasons.
By making protagonists of the space the people that live there, Fabula appears to be a set of different elements, proposed in different finishes that allows to create compositions always customizable, because, in the words of the famous designer Albert Hadley, ‘decorating is not about making stage sets, it’s really about creating a quality of life’. Sophistication, in both aesthetic and rational terms, is the quality embodied in the project: through the different type of doors, with frame or completely smooth, stand out the MDF doors. These doors, after the long and complex processing, also involving manual stages, are characterized by a special ‘glossy’ effect. The result is almost an optical illusion, with ‘glossy white or aluminium metal effect lacquered’ doors, combined with doors and tall units in different finishes: from oak, to ebony, lacquered white and so on.

Extremely functional elements and accessories enhance the rationality of the compositions with an essential design, even in the most classical versions of Fabula model: cabinets under hood with sliding doors in grès finish, hanging pot rack, Dama wall storage rack, cupboards and wall cabinets with smoked glass doors and frames in chrome-plated metal; everything to make the kitchen a beautiful and cozy place, where modernity and tradition can coexist.

Fabula is therefore a truly narration, where very different elements harmonize to reveal the past and future history of the italian houses thanks to the combination between memory, craftsmanship and innovative production typical of a 100% Made in Italy company like Rastelli.

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