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Ethimo’s Outdoor Collections on Display at NeoCon 2024 10.06.2024

June 10-12, Chicago

Ethimo, an Italian company specialized in the production of high-end outdoor furniture, is participating in the 55th edition of NeoCon, one of the most important trade shows for the international commercial design industry which, each year, showcases new products and design trends in the contract sector.

Ethimo is synonymous with balanced and healthy outdoor living. The common thread in each of its collections is a flawless synergy between design and nature, a connection that showcases the brand’s ability to integrate furniture in a variety of outdoor settings.

With an increasingly eco-friendly approach, Ethimo places enormous emphasis on the selection and processing of materials, the choice and development of fabrics, and the study and honing of form, exalting exquisite craftsmanship, quality, innovation, and style that embodies the best of Italian manufacturing tradition. A contemporary and elegant design, inspired by nature and the allure of the most beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, translates into furniture that strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. These solutions are designed to turn any outdoor space into

a warm, welcoming, and relaxed environment, thus promoting a culture of outdoor living that emphasizes comfort and in which product quality translates into quality of life.

Ethimo will be using its exhibition space at THE MART to showcase its 2024 collection alongside some of its most iconic pieces, products selected to recreate lounge, dining, and relaxation spaces that express Ethimo’s ability to create open-air environments for large-scale contracts, also thanks to its extensive experience in designing custom-made solutions and ad hoc setups to meet specific stylistic requirements.

Ethimo at NewCon
June 10-12, 2024
7-7078, 7th Floor of THE MART
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 470 – Chicago

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