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Ethimo tells the story of its first ten years 27.01.2020

The 2020 collection is an exploration of nature, material, environment and design

The Ethimo 2020 catalogue is a tribute to the beauty of nature, to the essence of material, to the environment as a place to live and respect.

To mark its 10 anniversary, Ethimo presents the new collection by emphasising the value of the research and selection of materials that forms the basis for every project.

2020 tells of the solid essence of a secret unspoilt nature, in which the tradition of craftsmanship processes teams with the contemporary spirit of the collections, conceived with original features by international designers.

Ethimo has chosen Sicily for celebration of its love for the Mediterranean and ten years of creation and design at the service of elegance and outdoor furnishings. The Tonnara di Scopello and the Botanical Gardens at the University of Palermo provide the surprising backdrops for the most iconic collections in 2020.

This journey into Mediterranean nature then continues with the Greek coasts, where natural inspiration creates an engaging, unmistakable state of mind.

The 2020 catalogue unveils the tribal spirit of the Rafael collection, designed by Paola Navone, which tells of the solid essence of nature; the Concreto line of tables by Luca Nichetto, which plays with new materials like concrete; Milk lamp by Emmanuel Gallina, which recalls tradition in its choice of clean solar energy.

FSC certified fine wood and new materials like concrete, marble and enamelled lava stone, teamed with new finishes like brushed natural teak and fabulous fabrics create furniture with an eclectic feel that lends unique personality to the most exclusive of outdoor spaces and evokes the most representative elements in a language of tactile and visual sensations.

The new Ethimo catalogue is fascinating and amazing, the story of a continually evolving approach to style that places contemporary design trends into natural spaces that become a symbol of comfort, beauty and quality.

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