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Ethimo receives the German Design Award 2018 03.11.2017

The Esedra collection takes the top spot in the Garden Furniture Collection category.

Ethimo receives the German Design Award 2018, the prestigious international prize awarded by the German Design Council. This special recognition celebrates outstanding designers and companies who express their originality, quality,
functionality and ergonomics in their products.

The prize is awarded each year by a panel of professionals and design experts from across the world, chosen from hundreds of different projects.

With the Esedra collection, born from an alliance with Luca Nichetto, Ethimo offers a new interpretation of outdoor design. Outdoors not just as a place for spending time in summer, but as a natural extension of our indoor space, with the same comfort and wellbeing.

Esedra is a complete outdoor furniture system designed for contemporary outdoor living, combining careful, ambitious design, high quality workmanship and the bringing together of different materials and refined finishes. The union of aluminium and teak with synthetic fibre, made using a special technology that recreates artisan sensations and has the warmth typical of natural woven fibre, creates characteristic ‘C’-shaped elements, for refined, welcoming solutions
suggestive of a new open-air relaxation ambience.

Every element which defines the Esedra project is the result of the perfect equilibrium of elegant, embracing shapes and high performance materials, carefully selected for their ability to transmit extraordinary tactile and visual perceptions.

With extensive experience in outdoor furnishing, Ethimo lends itself to multiple design declinations, creating and developing different shapes, such as those of the Esedra collection, to enhance the potential of the spaces they adorn.

Winning the German Design Award 2018 for the Garden Furniture Collection category testifies to Ethimo’s constant commitment and passion in creating outstanding, high quality outdoor solutions, furniture that enhances the most
diverse outdoor spaces, meeting their specific aesthetic and functional needs.


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