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Ethimo partners with Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe 10.07.2023

Ethimo was selected to be part of the AQVA SPA’s exceptional renovation and expansion pro-ject at the five-star Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe in Gardone Riviera, on Lake Garda. This marked the hotel’s 135th anniversary and 15 years since the opening of its wellness centre.

The major restyling was designed to transform the SPA into a wellness flagship, with 3,600
square metres dedicated to relaxation and wellness. The redistribution of spaces allowed a bet-ter diversification of functions, to meet the guests’ privacy and usability needs, and expanded the range of activities, treatments and services.

Attention was paid to the choice of furnishings, accessories, technologies, materials and finishes that define the environments of the renovated AQVA SPA, based on a sustainable and envi- ronmentally friendly design. Following this philosophy, the layout of the new rooms dedicated to the wellbeing of body and mind at the Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe was completed with some of the Ethimo’s most iconic collections, including Swing furnishings, created in part-nership with Patrick Norguet, the Esedra lounge armchairs, designed by Luca Nichetto and the eclectic Allaperto collection, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.

Ethimo’s established specialisation in ad hoc fittings for the high-end, national and international hospitality sector, and flexibility of its tailor-made solutions, allow its furnishings to perfectly meet the project’s concept, in harmony with the location’s architecture and history.

The quality of the outdoor materials (such as FSC-certified teak), the tailoring of details and
a sustainable approach defined this new partnership. With its solutions, Ethimo gave life to wel-coming and sophisticated environments, spaces with atmospheres of relaxation and an en- thralling sensation of The Good Life featuring the structure which matches the theme inspiring its collections.

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