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Ethimo in&out 24.10.2016

In the past, the indoor space of a house was considered to be totally separated from the outdoors such as the garden, terrace and balcony. This difference was evident in the furniture used as well as in the styles, having distinct technical features and design. Nowadays, the mainstream tendendency is to progressively eliminate the borderline between outdoors and indoors. According to this view, the two spaces become a uniform continuum, without any visual or architectural interruption.

The same care and attention is devoted to the choice of furniture for both indor and outdoor enviroments, no detail is left to chance. This new attitude gives life to eclectic spaces with their own specific and coherent identities.

Ethimo anticipates these tendencies proposing:

Knit, is the first Ethimo collection designed by Patrick Norguet. The combination of a teak structure and the cosy and soft woven rope of the seat and backrest makes them perfect for indoor use too.

Nicolette, another creation of Patrick Norguet, this collection presents armchairs with an aluminium structure realized in 6 different finishes, a seat back characterized by a micro-perforated metal pattern and a backrest made of natural teak. The collection is also available upholstered in pleated fabric with a comfortable seat cushion.

The harmonious lines and lightness are the main features of this versatile seat which allows a very wide range of in&out costumizations.

Costes, when it comes to exalt wood and all its qualities, this collection is the most representative one. The versatile soul of Costes items makes them perfect to suit both indoor and oudoor spaces.

Esedra, designed by Luca Nichetto and first showcased during the last edition of The Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, Esedra is one of the leading collections of the 2017 Ethimo catalogue. The match of aluminium with woven fiber and teak gives life to lounge items having embracing shapes. Esedra is an ambitious collection, it challenges the indoor/outdoor division like no other, its ability to adapt to a living room providing the space with balance and personality is surprising.

Play, is the aluminium table that allows to “play”with spaces thanks to the wide variety of dimensions (100×100 cm, 150×150 cm, 100×200 cm, 100×274 cm) and the range of materials available for the tabletop (aluminium, natural or pickled teak and stoneware). Play is the perfect table for any kind of seat.

Carrè, designed by the landscape designer Niccolò Grassi is the collection of lamps made of metal and pickled teak using LED lights. The line is composed by three different versions to choose among: the floor lamp, available in 2 different sizes, the table lamp and the wall lamp. Thanks to its versatility, Carrè will either spread charming lighting effects if placed outdoors or create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the living room.

Goa and Malindi, represent the desire to transfer outside the quality and elegance of interior rugs. Made of finely woven polypropylene fibers, these rugs are practical and resistant, beautiful and cosy, ideal to be used in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Both outdoors (whether in a garden, a terrace, or at poolside) and indoors, Ethimo furniture is conceived to create welcoming places where to experience moments of privacy, conviviality and well-being.














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