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The tropical summer of WallPepper® 23.05.2017

Crystalline water and thin white sand for those who love lying under the sun. Deep rainforests for the bravest adventurers. The Tropics are the symbol of the exotic dream and are based on kaleidoscopic colours and various representations of flora and fauna, very hard to reproduce.

WallPepper® has accepted the challenge to tell on its wallpapers the stories of these tropical dreams and rare scenarios. The 2017 Tropikos collection was born this way, in order to represent the heart of the most mysterious and wild places.

Chineleaves, Jungle, Palmania, Drops and Touke Touke Jungle are just a few subjects that show leaves and lianas roofs, reproduced through lively colours that seem iridescent.

Instead Tropical Pop and Amazzonia have different colour nuances that give a new interpretation of the tropical atmosphere, through a warmer and more ‘pop’ mood. There we find flamingos, toucans and colourful flocks of parrots.

Finally, where the coast meets the sea, the Naturalis collection, with Fondale and Quies, tells imaginary stories about the reefs, among abundant combinations of shells and sea creatures.

The WallPepper® products are made of textile fibres, agave and cellulose, PVC free and printed with water inks. These features make it perfect to fit in the residential spaces as well as in the contract spaces and in the one for the kids.

Even in the muggy cities, with WallPepper® you can dream, explore and travel with your mind, with eyes wide open, into far away and unexplored lands…to live the whole year in the Tropics.

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